Introducing PairTree Office Hours

You ask. They answer.

Beginning Monday, April 6, PairTree will be hosting “Office Hours.”

We’ve assembled a team of adoption service professionals – Counselors, Social Workers, Adoption Attorneys, Adoption Agency Directors and more to answer your questions.

The questions and answers will be in our public forums: our website, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram (@pairtreefamily).

You’ll ask on Monday, and we’ll give our professionals the rest of the week to answer.

First up will be Author, Counselor and Adoption Agency Director, Anne Moody.

Anne Moody has enjoyed a 30+ year long career as a counselor, focused first on the U.S. foster care system, then on both domestic and international adoption. Anne is the Director of Adoption Connections and is also an adoptive parent. Both her professional and personal background inform her work as an adoption specialist who advises clients on all aspects of the adoption experience.

For more information on Anne, visit her website or LinkedIn profile.

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