Danielle & Fred: Wait, I find a birth mom online?

We were stuck in the “trying” vortex for over two years.  

I didn’t think we had it in us to discuss or even move forward with other options to have a child. The majority of the options consisted of either more money, more injections, more time, or all of the above.

When Erin, CEO/Founder at PairTree, told us about private adoption, we were a bit reluctant. It was surprising to us that this option existed, even in this day and age.  

It felt a bit “unprotected” finding your child on the worldwide web, but once we decided to move forward, we realized it gave us more control and much more security than we thought…

We chose our own attorney, our own social worker, and above all else – it enabled us to have direct connection with birth mothers/parents from the start.  

Once we completed our home study and went “live” online…we connected with our son’s birth mother in less than a month.

In the end, it was far less of a wait, and definitely far less cost.   

We are now the proud parents to a beautiful, healthy baby boy, and could not imagine our life without him.

We also opted to have an open adoption with the birth parents and couldn’t be happier to have this relationship for all of us.   

PairTree private adoption success story, Donovan.

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