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PairTree Home Study vs. Traditional Home Study

What to Expect When It’s Time for Your Home Study

Whether you’re involved with a home study as a professional or an adoptive parent, there are two elements you know about this part of the adoptive process – it takes time and it takes money. Traditionally, lots of both. Oftentimes, with many stops and starts. We are trying to change that experience for everyone involved with PairTree Home Study. 

If you’re not familiar, the purpose of a Home Study is for a licensed professional to get an overview of your personal life – background checks, health records, finances, personal and professional references, and personal relationships – to ensure you are ready to be a parent through adoption and ensure you’d provide a healthy environment for the potential adopted child.

The traditional home study method takes months and costs between $1200 and $3000. Yikes! The amount of paperwork alone is daunting for both adoptive families and home study providers. 

In fact, 98% of Adopting Parents were overwhelmed by the amount of paperwork and logistics in the conventional home study process. 

And, if the adoptive parent/s are overwhelmed by that paperwork, imagine the person trying to process and keep track of it. It’s a logistics nightmare. Oops, we’re biased. That’s just the truth of it, though. 

Home Study

Why Home Studies are Happier with PairTree

Can you tell we’re not fans of the old method? We’re not. Which is why we’ve modernized it with PairTree Home Study for Adopting Parents and Home Study Professionals. Everything, with the exception of the home visit and interviews, is completed online! This saves time, money, and maybe even a few gray hairs. For adoptive parents, it’s one less bump in the road to adoption. And for professionals, there are far fewer administrative headaches and much less paperwork. 

PairTree is committed to advancing the adoption process, creating tools and support systems to help families navigate the journey. The bottom line is, we want to bring together parents and expectant mothers in the best way possible. Adoption is an emotional, exhausting and extraordinary journey. By modernizing the process, we hope to increase opportunity, access, and options for all in adoption. 

What Do I Do Next?

If you’re an adoptive parent, find out more about here and if you’re an adoption professional, find out more here

We’ve started PairTree Home Study in Washington and are expanding to more states every month. Want us to come to your State? Let us know! Fill out your info here.

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