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We believe in Advancing Adoption™

What are you?

We get this question a lot.  And truth be told, we don’t fit any of the conventional molds.

What we do know is that PairTree is an organization with an unwavering mission to increase options and access for all in adoption. An organization that is committed to learning and listening….and then building. Building connections, tools, and more to make adoption better.

We are a group of Adoptive and Birth Parents who see a world where Healthcare Providers, Adoption Professionals, NGOs, Legislators and Social Services work together to improve adoption for Expectant Moms, Birth Parents, Adoptees and Adoptive Parents — in one integrated platform.

A World where there is more collaboration vs competition.

A World where an open and holistic approach to adoption becomes the norm.

We call it Advancing Adoption™ – and today, we are thrilled to share our vision with you.

1. We will Advance Care

Birth Moms are 4xs more likely to commit suicide or suffer from depression.Adoption is a mental, and emotional roller coaster journey for Adoptive parents as well.

By integrating with healthcare partners to ensure Expectant Moms, Birth Moms, Adoptees and Adopting Parents will have the physical and mental healthcare where and when they need it, providing long-term care for Birth Moms. 

2. We will Advance Transparency

Families don’t have access to all the information they need to make the best decisions for themselves;

Educating interested parties on the various roles (professionals, agencies, facilitators, matching companies, etc), and the processes in adoption – elevating the integrity of the industry. Presenting analytics to Adoptive families so they can determine the best decision for themselves.

3. We will Advance Simplicity

Families expect technology to be a part of the adoption process to simplify the experience, and are frustrated when it’s not.

Developing easy-to-use, modern and mobile tools which increase efficiency – improving the experience and ensure proper care for all.

4. We will Advance the Accessibility

Families should have equal access to adoption and options within adoption, regardless of their life circumstances, family structure or financial status.

Ensuring all types of families can adopt; educating without ulterior motive about the adoption process and potential paths within adoption (conventional vs self-navigating // infant, embryo, older child adoption, etc.); and reduce the fees to make adoption an available option to more people.

5. We will Advance the Possibilities

Adoption paths are based on a system that is siloed, which limits opportunities

Creating collaborations across the industry that increase opportunities for all in adoption, imagine the possibilities for all involved when we work together. 

….and today, with you, we take the first step.

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