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Top 3 Mistakes Adopting Parents Make

As a hopeful adoptive parent, your PairTree profile is your first impression to an expectant parent.  Their first glimpse into your life, your family, and your home – and potentially, the life, family, and home they chooses for their baby.  Having a strong profile, and making a great first impression, is not only important – it could be the difference between an expectant parent reaching out or moving on.

1. Let Them See YOU

Your profile photo, the main photo that shows up when your profile first appears, is the most important photo!  Don’t choose a photo of a sunset, a quote you love, or even your pets; save those photos for your profile page.  Your profile photo needs to be you!  Not a blurry, half-face selfie, or you and all fifteen of your cousins.  Just you, you and your spouse/significant other, or you and your kids.  Also, steer clear of the photos announcing you’re adopting.  If they see your profile on PairTree, they already know you want to adopt!

2. Avoid “Perfect” Photos

While it may sound like the top 2 mistakes are contradicting each other, we promise they’re not!  Your profile photo needs to be a great photo, not necessarily a professional one, but a great one.  But all the other photos on your profile, even the ones in your profile book, don’t need to be perfect.  Show us the real you.  The chaos of Christmas morning, the muck boots feeding the animals, the kids not looking at the camera, the vacation selfies.  Give an expectant parent a glimpse into your real life, the life their baby could have. 

3. Don’t Overpromise & Underdeliver

This applies to openness in adoption, as well as every other aspect of your lives when it comes to adoption.  Don’t promise openness if you don’t mean it.  Be honest.  If open adoption scares you but you want to try, then say that.  Because honestly, it scares expectant parents too.  Don’t pretend to go to anything you’re are not, because that might be the most important thing for an expectant parent choosing a family.  You don’t need to say what you think an expectant parent wants to hear, because expectant parents don’t all want to hear the same thing. 

Be open, honest, authentic, and most importantly – be yourselves.

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