Amanda & Jason’s Adoption Journey

Adoption is a journey. In these features, we give hopeful adoptive families the space to share what they’ve learned, what they’ve struggled with, and what keeps them going. We’re so happy to introduce you to Amanda & Jason.

Tell us about yourself and how you made your way to PairTree?

Hello we are Amanda and Jason Whitten from California!

We are married and have been together for four years. Jason has been a successful Glazier for 17 years and Amanda is a Clinical Counselor working with individuals, couples, children and teens. We have three dogs, three cats and a cute house with a huge backyard. We have a large loving family who we spend most of our time with. We also have 20 nieces and nephews for a child to grow up with. We love to go camping by ourselves or with family, go fishing, hiking and travel around California. Lake Tahoe and Fort Bragg are some of our favorite places for a getaway.

We both have always wanted to be parents and we went into our relationship thinking that Jason could not have children. As a child, Jason received treatments for Leukemia (which by some miracle he beat!) so the plan was that we would adopt a child. After a year of being together, we decided to try going to a fertility clinic where we learned that Jason was able to have children. After a year of trying naturally, we were unsuccessful and went back to the fertility clinic. Unfortunately, we came to find out that I was the one that could not have children. We attempted IVF treatments, but they were also unsuccessful. Now we have made the decision to pursue our original dream of adopting a child.

We are working with an adoption agency, but we wanted to also try to self-match. Our home inspection was completed this week and we are just waiting for the full report and approval to be finalized. Our social worker did take the photo books we made to pass out to their offices in CA, so we believe we will be fully approved soon.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and for considering us as a potential family. We, and the nursery, are completely ready to welcome a newborn and we hope to hear from you soon!

To learn more about us and our lives, please check out our photo book:

We are working with an adoption agency that encouraged us to create a profile with PairTree to increase our chances of being matched.

What has surprised you about this process – good and/or bad?

What has surprised us most about this process is the wait times. We are anxious and so eager to be parents. We have the nursery ready and waiting for our blessing.

What do you think is misunderstood about adoption?

That is a quick and easy process. There’s so much that goes into it, but the process ensures that there are adoptive parents available to provide the best life for their adoptive child. It’s all going to be worth it in the end ❤

Who are your biggest supporters? Who can you always turn to?

We have the most loving and supportive family. My parents specifically have been and continue to be our biggest supporters. We are so close with all of our family it is hard to name them all without it being overwhelming. This child will grow up with so much love all around them every day.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

Everything happens for a reason. It sounds cliché, but it really is so true when reflecting back on our lives.

How often do you cry? (Seriously…)

I cry when it comes to a situation or movie that moves me. Jason and I both cried watching the entire time watching the movie Instant Family.

What you are most proud of – so far – in this process?

We have such strong communication and support for each other. It seems like with every difficult thing we go through our relationship gets stronger and that is so rare.

What scares you the most about this process — and why?

The only thing that may scare us is the thought of the birth mother changing her mind after we take them home. We are so ready to be parents. We hope that the birth mother will see how surrounded by love the child will be and know she made the right choice in choosing us.

If you had a magic wand, what would you like to change most about this process?

Although I know this process is lengthy to ensure the safety and happiness of the child, it is difficult to not want it to be faster. Friends and family always tells us we are going to be the best parents when we spend time with their kids and we can’t wait to experience it all for ourselves with our own.

Click here to learn more about Amanda & Jason. They’d love to hear from you!

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