Julie & Scott’s Adoption Journey

Adoption is a journey. In these features, we give hopeful adoptive families the space to share what they’ve learned, what they’ve struggled with, and what keeps them going. We’re so happy to introduce you to Julie & Scott.

Tell us about yourself and how you made your way to PairTree?

We discovered Pairtree through social media and are so excited that we did! We are excited about our families future and can’t wait to complete our family!

We live life to the fullest every day and do not take any moment for granted. We know adoption is the path that was meant to be to complete our family! We love to laugh and just enjoy every day we have together. We can’t wait to meet you!

What has surprised you about this process – good and/or bad?

We have been surprised about the process. We had no idea about the different ways to adopt. It is a journey and we are learning along the way!

What do you think is misunderstood about adoption?

I truly believe people do not understand the perspective of the birth mother. There is so much respect and love that needs to be given to birth mothers and I feel that gets lost in the adoption process.
People say to those who are suffering infertility just to “go adopt”. Well that also is not as easy as people think it is. There are just so many misconceptions and misunderstandings about adoption in the world! It is a beautiful thing and more education is necessary.

Who are your biggest supporters? Who can you always turn to?

We are so fortunate to have wonderful families that love Charlie and are so excited about the potential for a new addition to the family!! We grew up in the Midwest where we each had siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other family that were very active in each of our lives. We want the same for Charlie and our new addition!
We have family around the country, but also in Florida, including just blocks away. Those that are not in Florida come to visit often and we visit them often. We try to go to the mountains every summer for a large family gathering and try to go to the mountains every winter for a ski get away. Our families are so wonderful and supportive. Most importantly – they are interested and involved in our lives. Each of our family members are there for us no matter what. They are always helpful and supportive.

Do you have a favorite quote or mantra?

This too shall pass

How often do you cry? (Seriously…)

Not too often

What you are most proud of – so far – in this process?

Resilience when things go sideways and take time.
Our dedication to the process!

What scares you the most about this process — and why?

Never being matched

If you had a magic wand, what would you like to change most about this process?

Fear of the unknowns and the time it takes to be matched! It surely causes anxiety for all parties involved making sure we all are making the right decisions.

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