What to Expect …When You’re Adopting!

No matter your path to parenting, taking care of a newborn is tough!

But as a hopeful adoptive parent, you may not feel comfortable participating in “traditional” birthing classes or have the time to properly prepare.

Whatever the case, we want to help you get ready!

That’s why we’ve partnered with Valerie Trumbower, a DONA Certified Postpartum Doula and Certified Lactation Counselor, to provide all the educational materials you’ll need. Valerie took all of her experience serving families in the first few months of their child’s life and created The New Parents Academy – including adoption-specific newborn care classes just for you!  

Check out these two amazing options from Valerie’s New Parents Academy:

7 Things Adoptive Parents Learn The First Week Home with a Newborn

In this 60 minute workshop, you’ll begin to think about what life will be like when baby arrives. We’ll discuss:

  • What adoptive parents wish they knew before they brought their baby home.
  • How to bond with your baby from day one.
  • One item you don’t want to bring when you go to meet the baby.
  • Is it possible to spoil a newborn?

This workshop is for anyone on an adoption journey – whether you’re heading heading to the hospital soon or just starting your adoption journey!

You can sign up to watch immediately or choose from one of the times in the next few days.

This course is free.

Expecting 101…You’re Adopting!

There’s so much good information out there for pregnant families, but what about all the adoptive parents? That’s where Expecting 101…You’re Adopting comes in! This course covers adoption-specific information from birth to bonding (and beyond) so you can become comfortable in your new role as a parent.

“This course is priceless.” I am extremely thankful for Valerie & New Parents Academy! I am a first-time Mama through adoption and joined this course hoping to learn about a thing or two and I learned so much more. Valerie has a wealth of knowledge and directly supports each client’s questions and concerns. I am so thankful I signed up and refer to the course often as a new Mama!

–Annie, Adoptive Mom

As an added bonus, once you complete the course – you’ll receive a Education Certificate for 4 hours!

The course goes over so much, including:

Bonding: You need simple, research-based techniques to lay the foundation for a lifelong bond so that from the moment you meet, your baby feels safe, loved, and cared for.

Baby Care: From soothing your (inevitably) crying baby, changing a diaper after circumcision, to baby’s first bath and infant first aid…you need the resources to confidently care for your baby without the midnight meltdowns and panicked pediatrician calls.

Baby Gear: All. The. Baby. Gear. You do need a few extra things around the house to properly give your newborn the care they need…but it’s not nearly as much as the internet is trying to convince you. You need a list, curated for adopting parents, so that regardless of your location, timeline, or circumstance, you have the essential items you need for the road ahead (and not just the expensive stroller showing up in your feed.)

This course is $197.

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