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Why does personality matters when choosing Adopting Parents?

Personality is the leading indicator of behavior –– which provides some indication of how a hopeful adoptive parent views life – and more specifically how an Adopting Parent will likely behave toward an expectant mom, and towards a child.

That’s why we created LifePair™ – a proprietary, personality-based matching system that evaluates 100+ unique attributes to inform an Adopting Parent’s personality type – giving Expectant Moms meaningful information about the adoptive family (in addition to pretty pictures).

Below are descriptions on our 12 major personality types — which one are you? 

The Jester

The life of the party. Turning mundane or intimidating into fun and enjoyable. These people are spontaneous, playful, and witty – with an emphasis on the here and now. Brings joy to the world through humor, fun, irreverence and often likes to create some playful mischief. Lives for the moment. Possesses an insatiable desire to experience emotions to the maximum. 

  • Motto: You only live once
  • Core desire: to live in the moment with full enjoyment
  • Goal: to have a great time and lighten up the world
  • Greatest fear: being bored or boring others
  • Strategy: play, make jokes, be funny
  • Weakness: frivolity, wasting time
  • Talent: joy
  • The Jester is also known as: The trickster, practical joker or comedian.

The Neighbor

The friend you want. The neighbor’s underlying value is that everyone matters. Seeks connections and belonging; is recognized as supportive, faithful and down-to-earth. They’re essentially the building blocks of this world and are the ones who restore faith in humanity. One of the most distinct attributes about a Neighbor is his or her ability to talk to anyone.

  • Motto: All men and women are created equal
  • Core Desire: connecting with others
  • Goal: to belong
  • Greatest fear: to be left out or to stand out from the crowd
  • Strategy: develop ordinary solid virtues, be down to earth, the common touch
  • Weakness: losing one’s own self in an effort to blend in or for the sake of superficial relationships
  • Talent: realism, empathy, lack of pretense
  • The Neighbor is also known as: The person next door, the realist, the solid citizen, the good neighbor, the silent majority.

The Lover

Feels all the feels. Passionate about everything they do – with attentive, intense and very personal connections. Creates intimate moments and inspires love. Likes to please others. Associated less with romance and sexuality, and more to do with commitment and faithfulness. Revolves vastly around emotions and feelings.

  • Motto: You’re the only one
  • Core desire: intimacy and experience
  • Goal: being in a relationship with the people, work and surroundings they love
  • Greatest fear: being alone, a wallflower, unwanted, unloved
  • Strategy: to become more and more physically and emotionally attractive
  • Weakness: outward-directed desire to please others at risk of losing own identity
  • Talent: passion, gratitude, appreciation, and commitment
  • The Lover is also known as: The partner, friend, intimate, enthusiast, sensualist, spouse, team-builder.

The Innocent 

Values traditions and the simple things in life. Makes time for everyone. Guided by goodness, nostalgia, wholesomeness. Exhibits happiness, optimism, safety, and youth. Easily impressed by anything and everything, making them brilliant audiences for performances. Best defined by sheer positivity and optimism.

  • Motto: Free to be you and me
  • Core desire: to get to paradise
  • Goal: to be happy
  • Greatest fear: to be punished for doing something bad or wrong
  • Strategy: to do things right
  • Weakness: boring for all their naive innocence
  • Talent: faith and optimism
  • The Innocent is also known as: Utopian, traditionalist, naive, mystic, saint, romantic, dreamer.

The Explorer

Seeks a better world – with an emphasis on the journey. Enjoys getting lost. These people seek authenticity and anything that helps them feel free and pioneering. Finds inspiration in travel, risk, discovery, and the thrill of new experiences. Has high regard for his or her freedom. Sitting still for even just a short period of time can cause them to feel jittery, uneasy, and restless. They crave adventure and they feed on new experiences.

  • Motto: Don’t fence me in
  • Core desire: the freedom to find out who you are through exploring the world
  • Goal: to experience a better, more authentic, more fulfilling life
  • Biggest fear: getting trapped, conformity, and inner emptiness
  • Strategy: journey, seeking out and experiencing new things, escape from boredom
  • Weakness: aimless wandering, becoming a misfit
  • Talent: autonomy, ambition, being true to one’s soul
  • The explorer is also known as: The seeker, iconoclast, wanderer, individualist, pilgrim.

The Sage 

Values wisdom and continuous learning. Committed to gain deeper insight and constantly building on their expertise. Information fuels them. Excellent at research. Often serving as a thoughtful mentor or advisor, and happy to share their point of view. Almost everything they experience becomes a life lesson, as they’re able to identify the obscure meanings behind every event in their lives.

  • Motto: The truth will set you free
  • Core desire: to find the truth.
  • Goal: to use intelligence and analysis to understand the world.
  • Biggest fear: being duped, misled or ignorance.
  • Strategy: seeking out information and knowledge; self-reflection and understanding thought processes.
  • Weakness: can study details forever and never act.
  • Talent: wisdom, intelligence.
  • The Sage is also known as: The expert, scholar, detective, advisor, thinker, philosopher, academic, researcher, thinker, planner, professional, mentor, teacher, contemplative.

The Creative

Prizes self-expression, being completely and entirely original. Driven to make the World better. Understands sacrifice, and knows how to balance risk with reward. Often described as artists, creators and inventors. Imaginative and driven to build things of enduring meaning and value. Their greatest pride lies in their ability to be creative when it comes to everyday life and achieving the goals that they’ve set for themselves. Creators are constantly paving ways for others to follow.

  • Motto: If you can imagine it, it can be done
  • Core desire: to create things of enduring value
  • Goal: to realize a vision
  • Greatest fear: mediocre vision or execution
  • Strategy: develop artistic control and skill
  • Task: to create culture, express own vision
  • Weakness: perfectionism, bad solutions
  • Talent: creativity and imagination
  • The Creator is also known as: The artist, inventor, innovator, musician, writer or dreamer.

The Caregiver

Oozes compassion, generosity, a desire to help others. These people exhibit exponential concern and attention. Protects and cares for others – with unparalleled selflessness. They’re always willing to help the people around them, be it friends, family, strangers, or sometimes even foes. Their generosity inspires everyone around them and fills receivers with an immense amount of gratitude.

  • Motto: Love your neighbour as yourself
  • Core desire: to protect and care for others
  • Goal: to help others
  • Greatest fear: selfishness and ingratitude
  • Strategy: doing things for others
  • Weakness: martyrdom and being exploited
  • Talent: compassion, generosity
  • The Caregiver is also known as: The saint, altruist, parent, helper, supporter.

The Ruler

Born to lead. These people have a significant respect for hard-work, authority and often patriotism. Responsible and organized – they can create order from chaos. Absolutely comfortable with volunteering to take charge. (It’s important to note that it’s not the desire to lead, but the actual quality of leadership that distinguish these people.)

  • Motto: Power isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
  • Core desire: control
  • Goal: create a prosperous, successful family or community
  • Strategy: exercise power
  • Greatest fear: chaos, being overthrown
  • Weakness: being authoritarian, unable to delegate
  • Talent: responsibility, leadership
  • The Ruler is also known as: The boss, leader, aristocrat, king, queen, politician, role model, manager or administrator.

The Rebel

Swims against the current. Not afraid to think or act differently than societal norms. Questions status-quo. Often described as revolutionary, deriving power from the people. Free-minded and free-spirited. Nothing stands in their way and nothing controls their desires. They’re the true representation of what it really means to be the captain of your own ship.

  • Motto: Rules are made to be broken
  • Core desire: revenge or revolution
  • Goal: to overturn what isn’t working
  • Greatest fear: to be powerless or ineffectual
  • Strategy: disrupt, destroy, or shock
  • Weakness: crossing over to the dark side, crime
  • Talent: outrageousness, radical freedom
  • The Rebel is also known as: The outlaw, revolutionary, the misfit, or iconoclast.

The Hero

Possesses courage, ambition, competence – with strong moral character. These people triumph over tragedy, and major challenges – often inspiring us all. On a mission to make the world a better place, the Hero is courageous and bold. They thrive on bravado and seek every opportunity to display their formidable sense of courage.

  • Motto: Where there’s a will, there’s a way
  • Core desire: to prove one’s worth through courageous acts
  • Goal: expert mastery in a way that improves the world
  • Greatest fear: weakness, vulnerability, being a “chicken”
  • Strategy: to be as strong and competent as possible
  • Weakness: arrogance, always needing another battle to fight
  • Talent: competence and courage
  • The Hero is also known as: The warrior, crusader, rescuer, superhero, the soldier, dragon slayer, the winner and the team player.

The Magician

Excellent at identifying potential – in people and situations. Bends over backwards to make everyone feel special, and to make dreams come true. Commonly referred to as visionaries and innovators. While their personal connections abound, their deep connections with the universe can sometimes make their explanations or motivations difficult to understand. Magicians tend to have a strong belief in their dreams and their abilities.

  • Motto: I make things happen.
  • Core desire: understanding the fundamental laws of the universe
  • Goal: to make dreams come true
  • Greatest fear: unintended negative consequences
  • Strategy: develop a vision and live by it
  • Weakness: becoming manipulative
  • Talent: finding win-win solutions
  • The Magician is also known as: The visionary, catalyst, inventor, charismatic leader, shaman, healer, medicine man.

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